What to Expect

*February 12, 2021  We have received our 1st Covid 19 vaccination.  March 5, 2021, 2nd shot.  November 4, 2021 Pfizer booster.  July 25 2022 2nd booster

** As of January 1, 2024, I have my own office!  My office partner and husband has moved into a different room in our suite.  This will allow a lot more availability for both of us:)

As our lives start to return to a semblance of normalcy, we are no longer requiring masks in the office.  If you want to wear one and are more comfortable with me wearing one also, I’m happy to comply!  I depend upon people to use their common sense around how they are feeling:  if you feel sick, please cancel.  I will do the same!  This is what I would hope would happen whether it’s Covid or any other contagious illness.*

As a private practitioner, I am able to schedule extra time around every appointment to ensure that I get enough time to both find out as much as I can about you and your needs, and then be able to address those needs as thoroughly as possible. I do have to keep a schedule, but I won’t be pushing you out the door after 55 minutes. Plan on about 15 extra minutes around your appointment.  Wear whatever you want but I will ask that all your jewelry that can come off, does, and that you undress to whatever level you are comfortable with but that gives me the access I need to address your issues.

For the first session I try to cover the entire body to get a good assessment of you and what might be affecting your problem areas, but I will focus on the area giving you trouble. I will check in with you periodically but also hope that you will communicate with me about pressure and any other concerns or areas that want extra attention. This is your time!

When you come for your appointment, think about food and beverage intake beforehand. Don’t come hungry or thirsty, but try not to have too much caffeine!